Thursday , 22 February 2018
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The Crocheter's Treasure Chest

Popcorn Pinwheel Bedspread

Are you looking for the pattern??

After seeing Frances Johnson’s creation,I must admit I was enamored when I saw the original YouTube video of Frances Johnson. After seeing the video, my quest began to hunt down the pattern. It wasn’t as easy as it should be but here are the results.

Google immediately served up these two:

Frankly, the best source for this pattern is one I found completely by accident. I was searching for doily place mat patterns and decided to buy The Crocheter’s Treasure Chest: 80 Classic Patterns for Tablecloths, Bedspreads, Doilies and Edgings (Dover Needlework). Imagine my surprise when I found Popcorn Pinwheel on page 42. I spent a whopping $8.76 with free shipping.

I still plan to try a doily or two before I attempt something on this scale. But, as a result of my hunt for this one particular pattern, I now have a very nice stash of some wonderfully creative vintage crochet patterns. Now to see if I can actually hold and work that oh so tiny crochet hook…


  1. Thank you for the information you provided in this blog, it will come in handy. I have just recently decided to finally try my hook at doilies….and I am finding that I really enjoy them. I have finished two and am on my third at this time. The smaller hook and thread were a bit awkward at first, but quickly began to feel normal. One thing I noticed, I use the finger between my index and ring fingers frequently on my hook hand when starting stitches that have a YO after chain stitches. This helps to keep the YO and loop on my hook in place, until I complete that first YO stitch. Other than that, much the same, just smaller stitches. It quickly becomes addictive. So…don’t pass up the chance to do a few for yourself.