Tuesday , 12 December 2017
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Floating Nine Patch

Floating Nine Patch

So…I actually made this quilt top…let me see now…I think two years ago. Honestly, the top has been hanging around so long, I can’t remember when I made it….jeez.  So it’s the perfect “let’s experiment with rulers” while free motion quilting. I started on it in December and was making pretty good time with it until…

I broke my darn wrist in January. ARGH. Let me repeat. ARGH

Setting aside the pain factor, losing the use of my right arm for essentially eight weeks has been ONE OF THE MOST frustrating things I’ve ever experienced. Couple that with being a full-time caregiver for my husband who has two paralyzed legs and one paralyzed arm and it becomes a scary experience for both of us. I am forever thankful for the VA stepping in to provide additional help for us.

I was able to do some limited design work in Electric Quilt during my time off…quite fun learning to use a mouse with the opposite hand…ha. I’ll be introducing some new patterns after I’ve had a chance to test them. After several weeks of physical therapy, I think my wrist is now strong enough to try using a rotary cutter again.

But, I am able to do some free motion quilting on Tasha (my Gammill Charm) and I was able to finally finish quilting this baby.