Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Sunshine Sampler

Sampler Quilt to Crochet

Sampler Quilt to CrochetThe Sampler Quilt to Crochet pattern is now available. I wrestled with the idea of charging for this pattern and finally decided against it. I crochet because I love to, not because I want to make a living with it. I designed this pattern on a lark. I wanted to make a quilt with a matching afghan. The first time around I used a regular afghan hook rather than the flexible hook and created 4 block panels with 5 blocks in each panel, which I then sewed together. Either way looks great from the front. But I like the result of the cleaner back side when crocheting as one piece rather than the panels. It’s really a matter of personal choice. I will say it goes much faster when you choose to do panels.

Sampler Duo
Quilt With Matching Afghan
Panel Version
Back side of Panel Version
One--piece Version
Back side of One-Piece Version

This pattern involves a lot of color changing and as a result, a lot of ends weaving. I deliberately left my weaving to the end to give you an idea of the amount involved. I strongly recommend you do this as you go along and not wait to the end like I did. I actually don’t normally mind doing it. I find it a easy task to work on while watching a good movie. Frankly, even for me, this was a daunting task to do all at once. But the end result was worth it. 🙂

Weaving Needed
Ends are about 6-inches long
The Weaving is Done!

Both afghans were given as Christmas gifts this year to two people I cherish. Was it worth the hard work? You betcha!



  1. Chris Tangeman

    Where can I find this crochet pattern?

  2. Love it, I have quilted and crocheted for over 40 years and now finding afghans from quilt patterns and just love them. Do you have more patterns either free or for sale.

    • So glad you found the pattern (saw your comment on another post). I too am crazy for quilt pattern afghans. At the time I designed this pattern, there weren’t many out there. My recently released “Starshine”quilt pattern would be awesome as an afghan pattern. Unfortunately, arthritis in my hands has advanced such that I can no longer crochet like I used to. And, unfortunately, I need to actually make the pattern to determine yarn amounts needed.

      The above sampler has lots of potential though if you’re willing to experiment with color options for each block. And, of course, you can totally change the look by picking one or two of the blocks and rearranging to suit your taste.

      However, you have gotten me thinking…perhaps developing block designs rather than entire afghans. I might be able to handle that….