Monday , 19 February 2018
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Gammill Charm Tips

Tension and my Gammill Charm – A Break Through!!

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In my continuing quest to conquer thread tension on my Gammill Charm aka Tasha, I stopped by Cut Up and Quilt to chat with Jade. They have two Gammill Statlers and Jade is their expert. Her observations/recommendations:

First, don’t thread your machine as instructed in the manual. Below are adjustments I made to my Charm based on her recommendations and how she threads the two Statlers.

Pretension knob: thread clockwise around the pretension knob. Note there is NO twisting  of the thread as it comes back through the eyelet. read more

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Gammill Charm aka “Tasha”

Gammill Charm

It was inevitable. I knew the next step in my quilting was to get a long arm. So I began my research with Bernina. After waiting patiently for the Q20 to be available locally, I attended a seminar for some hands on experience. Going with the Bernina had some advantages. Unlike other long arms it uses standard domestic sewing needles. Second, it  can use the free motion feet I was using on my Bernina 820. It has two different built in stitch regulators. Those were great features and I would have loved to take advantage of them. read more

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