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Victory Quilt: Sky Rocket


This the fifth block I’ve made for the Victory Quilt and is covered in the fourth video of Eleanor Burns’ Victory Quilt series. I have to say that, so far, it is my favorite! It’s a bit harder than the previous squares, but Eleanor’s instructions are excellent both in the book and in the video…   Read More »

Victory Quilt: Silent Star


The third video in Eleanor Burns’ Victory Quilt series covers two blocks: Silent Star and Comfort Quilt. Because I am doing this quilt on point, I will be using 18 of the 20 blocks Eleanor provides in the book. So I’ve decided not to make  the Comfort Quilt block at this point. I may reconsider later. Here’s Silent Star…   Read More »

Victory Quilt: Mr. Roosevelt’s Necktie


The second video in Eleanor Burn’s Victory Quilt series covers two blocks…Mr. Roosevelt’s Necktie and Fala. I’ve finished Mr. Roosevelt’s Necktie and will be moving on to Fala, which should be interesting as I’ve never used fusible web and have have not done much appliqué.   Read More »

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